One thought on “The True Causes of the Civil War

  1. Jim(?) – POC….

    This blog-post and your YT-video is so poignantly refreshing — in a disturbing sort of way — to read and listen! Thank you a hundred times!

    Indeed, there are MANY forms of “slavery” is there not? It can come in all fashions of implied or literal-explicit “slavery.” It isn’t rocket science to say every single human being on the PLANET (7.5 billion) is addicted to RELIEF. In one way or another, we all want, seek, and will do just about anything to obtain “relief”… from some pain or burden. In your case here, relief from an impoverished condition, few opportunities for upward mobility, or severe labor jobs at-or-near minimum wage. No, instead make someone else do it FOR YOU and reap the riches! And by the way, I am referring to modern America for the last 3-5 decades.

    More to your point Sir, here is a 2015 Brookings Institute report about America’s growing zip code inequality:

    And this is a sad topic that Nobel Prize Winner in Economics, Joseph Stiglitz, has been teaching and yelling about for the last 7-years, at least!

    Excellent post and video! Thank you. ❤

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