Trump Supporters: Leader Worship and Zealotry

The results of a personal study conducted on how Trump Supporters behave and interface with debate on online forums, as well as personal thoughts and reflections on his candidacy and the constituency that put him into power.

Please read the full article on my Steemit Page:

Trump Supporters: Leader Worship and Zealotry




Please note: I have transitioned, at least for the time being, to primarily hosting my material on It is a new platform that makes it somewhat easier for small time bloggers with limited audiences to at least make a little money off of their traffic. My content remains the same as it has always been, and engagement from readers is desired and encouraged. Thank you.


One thought on “Trump Supporters: Leader Worship and Zealotry

  1. Seems that steem is a bit of a pyramid scheme, sorry. I do wish you luck.
    I always took him seriously, and was very upset with family and friends who voted for neither of the two main candidates, as if that was going to make a difference. I think I know just two people who intentionally voted for him, and they have been strangely silent about him since.

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