About This Blog

Statement of Intent

A Point of Contention is, first and foremost, a place for people who like to discuss, debate, and share interesting and meaningful things. 

Of course that is quite broad.

More specifically this blog will cover topics that I find of merit and wish to share with other people who might find them equally fascinating. I am a lover of History, Science, Language, and Philosophy. I value Skepticism, Naturalism, and Humanism. I have a sever aversion to Theocracy, Authoritarianism, and willful perpetuation of Social Inequity.

If those sound like topics you’d like to discuss, the please subscribe and comment.

I also maintain a YouTube channel where I turn many of my favorite articles into video presentations as well. That channel can be found at: YouTube.com/PointofContention.


7 thoughts on “About This Blog

  1. I just came here and read your last three excellent articles.
    I do wish, however, that your “About” page told us a bit more about you — even while protecting your identity. I love knowing the background of folks I read.

  2. I agree with Sabio. After reading your latest posting about gays, I tend to think you’re a male, but In any case it would be nice to know not only your gender, but some of your background. Certainly you are the master of how much you wish to reveal …

    • Hi Nan,

      Jumped over here to browse, ponder, examine, and consider on your high recommendation of this blog. 😉

      Your comment is intriguing Nan. I agree with you as well… I too would like to know more about the author. You made me chuckle when asking about the author’s gender — and I think I’ll leave it at that: a chuckle. 😈 hehehe

      Hello Point-of-Contention! This seems like a blog I will very much enjoy. Think I will stay awhile, if I may.

      Best regards. 🙂

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