Trump Supporters: Leader Worship and Zealotry

The results of a personal study conducted on how Trump Supporters behave and interface with debate on online forums, as well as personal thoughts and reflections on his candidacy and the constituency that put him into power.

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Trump Supporters: Leader Worship and Zealotry




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White Privilege: It’s Existence is Obvious

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White Privilege: The Existence is Obvious

Abortion and the Ancient Law

In today’s video I discuss how the conspicuous silence of the Bible on the topic of Abortion can be reasonably interpreted as an *acceptance or perhaps even tacit endorsement of the practice*.

I an fully aware that this idea might rub some people the wrong way, it is a Point of Contention after all, but I ask that you please set ideology aside for only a moment and earnestly consider the case being made on it’s own merits, and I look forward to hearing what you think.